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America in crisis: breaking the cycle of addiction

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Interview with Carmen & Marie Lucchese


"We dedicate this organization to Justin Scott Luchesse. His smile, laughter and amazing positive presence in such a troubled world will never be forgotten.

Opiate addiction is a scourge that knows no bounds. It can, and will, destroy even the most beautiful and most gentle of souls who walk and live among us. It is time to right the wrong. It is time to act. It is time to care. It is time..."



"Family helping families to educate, create awareness, and to provide guidance to the needed resources to help individuals and their family members get help for drug addiction."


We lost our son to heroin addiction which began as an addiction to pain killers after a sports injury. It can happen to anyone. We wish we had a resource at the time to find guidance on the basics of recognizing the signs of addiction, and the current resources to deal with it immediately and effectively.

We, as a family, are trying to be that resource for others who find themselves dealing with the same nightmare that we had to. We are a Family Helping Families...

We resolve to have a much-needed women's home built to address the lack of proper facilities that are geared to a women's environment for opiate treatment/recovery/safety.
  •    Tiny pupils
  •    Sleepy eyes
  •    Nodding off
  •    Slow breathing
  •    Flushed skin
  •    Runny nose
  •    Vomit
  •    Scratching
  •    Slurred speech
  •    Constipation
  •    Nausea
  •    Poor grooming
  •    Loss of appetite
  •    Long sleeves/Covering arms
  •    Burnt Spoons
  •    Small baggies
  •    Tan or whitish powdery residue
  •    Dark sticky residue
  •    Small glass pipes
  •    Syringes
  •    Rubber tubing


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